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SPP: Spring Pin, Metric, Plastic for DIN Plastic Clevises

Application: Clevis Spring Pins eliminate the cotter pin, facilitate assembly, eliminate the need for assembly tools, and reduce the possibility of lost or misplaced pins. Clevis Spring Pins are easily assembled by hand and are typically shipped preassembled to the mating clevis end.

Construction: Molded Plastic Housing.

Material: fiber reinforced plastic

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Eliminates Clevis Pin

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Gabelkopfbolzen Plastic Clevis Spring Pin


Federklappbolzen 10 01 0006 8001, 10 01 0006 8002, 10 01 0008 8001, 10 01 0008 8002, 10 01 0010 8001, 10 01 0010 8002

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